Lets start with a smoothie 

Back in December of 2016 right after christmas I decided to do a smoothie cleanse.  I clearly deep down hated myself because I had the bright idea to start the 30th.  Yup.  The day before new years eve when everyone celebrates with booze and delicious foods.  Things I happen to enjoy.  But hey if I could do it during that I could probably actually stick with this.

So I started an instagram Called Fitfoodfashionflorida  hoping it would help me get excited about it and for some accountability.  Instagram has a ton and I mean ton of fitness and health related pages.  It also has a ton of pages of models so fit I cry into my wine glass.  Hey its grapes they’re healthy.   BUT thats a post for another day.  I started the 10 day Green Smoothie Cleanse.  I bought the book off amazon and highly recommend it.  You just buy the book and then the fruits and veggies it tells you to buy.  No gimmicks and no having to buy powders or shakes etc.img_0742

Of course I had to selfie with it. But it was actually kind of fun (ew what’s happened to me?)  I did the full cleanse where you do the smoothies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and only snack on nuts, seeds, and raw crunchy veggies in-between.  The only thing that was hard for me was the coffee headache (which after this cleanse I no longer drink).  Actually the harder thing for me was explaining to everyone around me I wasn’t eating.  You’d think I just said I skinned a panda alive by most reactions haha.

The cleanse kick started my super healthy eating in a great way.  Ever since then I’ve been pretty obsessed with smoothies.  I have one almost every day and experiment with different flavors and add ons.   So I’m going to start with my go to smoothie when I don’t feel like experimenting or in a hurry.  Now with most of my smoothies I just kind of eye it when it comes to measurements.  So I don’t exactly have detailed exacts but its so easy to just throw in what you like with them.  Which is why I love them so much!


This one is like a dessert honestly.  But SO GOOD.  Kinda like a healthy frosty.

So recipe as follows:

*Bananas 1-2 (i prefer frozen so it makes it nice and cold and creamy but you can use fresh and add some ice)

*1 tbsp Raw Cacao powder

*2 tbsp PB peanut butter powder (pictured and I got it at costco)

*1 squirt agave syrup (squirt is a scientific term)

*handful of dates

*1/2 cup raw oats

*1 squirt vanilla stevia

*1 tsp vanilla extract

*1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

*1 scoop of coconut whip cream on top

*sprinkle of raw cacao nibs on top

I suggest laying in the liquid (why did it change liquid to liquor? this thing knows me too well) first and then all the powders, dates, extracts, then anything frozen last.  Then enjoy 🙂


14 thoughts on “Lets start with a smoothie 

  1. I’m for sure going to buy this book and try it to get rid of this post-baby bump. I have NOT been doing this lucious chocolate body justice by wearing tanikind on the beach..but hold your applause til my before and after posts!

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